Planning Permission for Orangery Conservatories

Conservatory Planning Guide lines:

Conservatories for residential properties are normally classified as permitted developments when it comes to requiring planning permission to build. However, for some larger conservatories & Orangeries the need apply for, & be granted, planning permission prior to commencing any work should be seriously considered as early in the process as possible.

The reasons for finding out as early as possible are clear, because if you start work (or have finished) and your local planning authority decides that your conservatory required permission, then you could be facing some very expensive rectifications after the event – even to the extent that your local authority can demand the conservatory is removed – not a pleasant experience.

Initial checks can be made quite easily without having to go through a complex process as most planning departments will have a basic set of guidelines which you can view on their websites.

To give you an idea, we have listed some below.

You may need planning permission if your conservatory:-

  • Uses more than half of the area of the land around the “original property”.
  • The room is going to be in excess of 4.0 metres deep for a detached home & 3.0 metres for a semi-detached property.
  • If you are planning for the room to face onto a main road
  • If your home is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in conservation zone or is a “listed” or protected building.
  • The final room is going to be higher than 4.0 metres & over

there is a very easy to understand animated guide on the UK planning portal here:

If you have the slightest doubt about whether you need planning permission for your new room, always check with your local planning office before starting any work.

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