Conservatory Doors

Orangery & Conservatory Doors.

The way you enjoy your room can be influenced by the style of conservatory doors that you choose. Do you prefer for them to open outwards, inwards, slide or even fold to the side of the room.

For smaller conservatories where space is limited it may make sense to have the doors open outwards, so that they do not interfere with the interior of the room.

Popular designs are:

French doors / Tilt & Slide Doors / Bi-fold Doors / Tilt & Turn Doors

Options for opening both inwards and outwards can be selected & fitted for French Doors, however, both tilt & slide or tilt & turn styles usually open inwards. Bi-fold doors can be folded (or stacked) to the left, right, inside or outside of the room & work well with larger openings to get the best out of them.

conservatory doors

All designs can be fitted with toughened safety glass.

gull wingUp to 28 mm double glazed (or triple glazed) panels can also be used. Sealed glass units can be filled with inert gasses such as argon to improve the thermal properties. The sealed units perform even better when combined with low emissivity glass.

The gas inside the sealed units reduces transmission of heat or cold and the low-e glass itself has a coating which effectively reflects internal heat back into the room whilst maintaining the window clarity and is claimed to be a quarter more thermally efficient than “standard” double glazing.

All this is worth considering because figures indicate that in a single glazed house, up to 26% of your heat escapes through the windows.

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