Conservatories Designs & Styles.

There are so many different options when it comes to selecting a style for conservatories, but some styles are easily recognisable due to their particular look or because of a unique feature of the design, such as shown.

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All of the styles will be available with options & extras depending on your requirements such as:

  • Under-floor heating that can be installed at outset or after construction.
  • Roof Vents to improve ventilation and lower heat build-up.
  • Poly-carbonate roofing panels as a low cost option in tinted or clear sections.
  • Window Blinds as a cost effective solution to controlling levels of sunlight.
  • Energy efficient low emissivity solar glass to help with heat gain /loss
  • Toughened glass or even laminate glass for fitting in areas of high traffic or vulnerability
  • Ceiling fans, spot lights, concealed lighting

Lean-to Conservatories:

Most often simple in floor plan design with a rectangular shape maximising the interior space. Featuring flat sides and a single sloping roof section, you can use the lean-to where there is confined space and still have decent living space inside.

leanto conservatories

Veranda Conservatories:

One of the latest design features is to extend the roof section out over the edge of the conservatory to create a protected area that can be used as a “veranda terrace”. The sides of the veranda are usually open but having the extended roof section overhead means that when you make use of the veranda area there is a decent level of protection from the rain (or sun).


Victorian Conservatories:

More rounded with flat facets, usually between 5 & 6, they regularly have more ornate sections and fancy roofing features. Where space is limited they may be less suited because the shape of the conservatory will make it awkward for furniture space inside.


Edwardian Conservatories:

Usually square, sometimes with a rectangular floor plan, similar to lean-to in that the flat sides allow maximum use of the floor space. Some may feature fancy roof-lines or roofing with 3 or 4 aspects (slopes) giving decent amounts of headroom to the interior of the conservatory.


Gable & Georgian Conservatories:

With this style you also have rectangular or square floor plans but in most cases they are quite “symmetrical” in lay-out, with high vaulted type roofing for Georgian style, where the gable style has a flat front (similar in shape to the gable end of a house) with a 2 sided sloping roof.


All of the designs can include options such as dwarf brick walls, solid in-fill panels, full or half glass panels, French doors with colours & finishes that include wood-grain.

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