Conservatory Orangery Prices

What Are Average UK Conservatory & Orangery Prices?

I’m guessing that by coming to read this page, you are in some way interested in the cost of fully fitted orangeries or conservatories. But before you go ahead, there are some factors about pricing for quotations that you should bear in mind.

For example, online Orangery Prices may show, just as we do, a very general outline of the cost of getting one installed – some of the more spectacular Orangery Conservatories can cost well over £50,000 to complete.

Even if you are aiming for a more modest living space, there are some common elements which will come into play when assessing the expenses involved:

  • Foundations – if you have “good” or “bad” ground the amount of labour & materials used here will change
  • Construction Work – do you need to remodel the adjoining property to suit (knock a wall down, add doors, build walls etc.)
  • Drainage & Utility supplies – will you need to move drains, water mains or gas pipes or manholes?
  • Finishing & Extras – internal lighting, heating, blinds, furniture
  • Landscaping – how much work are you having done in the garden (maybe you want a patio or decking outside the doors)
  • Quality of Glazing – with a large amount of glass what energy efficiency levels are you aiming at (double, triple or low-e glazed panels)?

What it “boils down to” is that each Conservatory or Orangery construction will be different and that means the only way to be sure of the amount you are going to need to invest in your home can only be quantified by having a professional to survey the job and produce written quotations specific to your needs.

However, for your convenience here are a few average conservatory orangery prices in the market.

Lean-touPVCstart from £3,000 to £5,000 & above
VictorianuPVCstart from £4,000 +
P / T / L ShapeduPVCstart from £5,000 +
OrangeriesVarious combinationsstart from £10,000 to £35,000 & above

Planning Permission

Its worthwhile noting that, as a typical Orangery can be on the larger side, even though conservatories are considered “permitted developments” under planning guidelines, that you may require planning permission and other consents if the proportions and construction type do not fall within the criteria for such permitted developments.

In that event, you will certainly need to get planning permission before commencing any work. Luckily most installation companies will be able to handle this aspect as part of the works, but whatever size of room you are building it is always a good idea to find out first.

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Conservatory Orangery Prices