Upgrading a Conservatory Roof

Upgrading a Conservatory Roof

Refurbishing your Conservatory Roof.

Upgrading a Conservatory RoofIt’s quite often the case that homeowners want to make some changes to an existing conservatory, or may have bought a house with an older conservatory already built and could be thinking that it all has to be removed and a new one built in its’ place – well, unless there are other structural problems, why not look into giving it a new roof?

Many companies in the UK are offering a conservatory roof replacement service, from beautiful ‘Lantern’ designs to simple poly-carbonate sheeting. There are lightweight, insulated tiled roofs which help eliminate rain noise and regulate the temperature inside the room and the work does not have to take very long to do.

Poly-carbonate roofing is a popular option for budget conservatories, but it’s not something you are likely to see on a bespoke orangery.

  • Increased ‘U’ value means less heat loss or incoming heat build up on sunny days
  • frames are light & structurally strong – easy to fit
  • you can select from a range of tile colours
  • roofing systems come with 10 year guarantees

Just changing to a tiled conservatory roof instead of a glazed one can dramatically alter the appearance of your conservatory without having to go to the extra expense of starting from scratch!

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